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          1. 中國時政——生態文明領域術語漢英對照(2012-2018年)

            時間:2020-06-28 閱讀:2303


            生態文明領域 ECO-CIVILIZATION

            編號 詞條中文 英文譯法
            1 習近平生態文明思想 Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Civilization
            2 綠水青山就是金山銀山 “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.”
            3 人與自然和諧共生 harmony between man and nature
            4 可持續發展戰略 strategy for sustainable development
            5 社會主義生態文明觀 the socialist approach to ecological civilization
            6 生態文明理念 the philosophy of ecological civilization
            7 生態文明體制改革 reform of the system of ecological civilization
            8 建設美麗中國 building a beautiful China
            9 污染防治攻堅戰 the battle against pollution
            10 藍天保衛戰 winning the fight to keep the sky blue
            11 綠色發展 green development
            12 循環發展 circular development
            13 低碳發展 low carbon development
            14 永續發展 sustainable development
            15 資源節約型環境友好型社會 resource-conserving and environment-friendly society
            16 國土空間開發格局 the national spatial development pattern
            17 生態經濟體系 eco-economic system
            18 生態城市 eco-cities
            19 綠色供應鏈管理 green supply chain management
            20 綠色金融 green finance
            21 綠色科技 green science and technology
            22 生態農業 ecological agriculture
            23 大氣污染防治行動計劃 Air Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan
            24 水污染防治行動計劃 Water Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan
            25 土壤污染防治行動計劃 Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan
            26 固體廢物資源化無害化 recycling and hazard-free treatment of solid waste
            27 無廢城市建設 building a zero-waste city
            28 綠色礦山建設 green mining construction
            29 能源革命 energy revolution
            30 節能環保產業 energy conservation and environmental protection industry
            31 清潔能源產業 clean-energy industries
            32 清潔生產產業 clean-production industries
            33 山水林田湖草系統治理 a holistic approach to conserving mountains, rivers, forests, farmlands, lakes, and grasslands
            34 重要生態系統保護和修復 protect and restore key ecosystems
            35 生物多樣性保護工程 biodiversity protection project
            36 生態安全體系與生態屏障 ecological security system and ecological barriers
            37 長江黃河生態系統保護 ecosystem protection for the Yangtze River and the Yellow River
            38 海洋生態環境與保護 marine ecological environment protection
            39 應對氣候變化與國家自主行動 addressing climate change and intended national actions
            40 防災減災體系 disaster prevention and mitigation system
            41 生態文化 ecological culture
            42 資源環境國情宣傳 national publicity on resources and environment
            43 綠色生活方式和綠色消費 eco-friendly lifestyle and green consumption
            44 資源全面節約制度 the comprehensive resource conservation system
            45 自然資源資產產權制度 the property rights system of natural resource assets
            46 自然資源用途管制制度 the regulation system for the use of natural resources
            47 自然資源有償使用制度 the compensation system for the use of natural resources
            48 自然資源資產負債表 the balance sheet of natural resources
            49 自然資源資產離任審計 off-office auditing of natural resource assets
            50 生態環境保護制度 the system of ecological and environmental protection
            51 現代環境治理體系 modern environmental management system
            52 生態保護紅線 ecological red lines
            53 生態文明體制改革 reform of the ecological civilization system
            54 生態文明標準體系 the standard system of ecological civilization
            55 生態系統休養生息制度 the system of ecological restoration
            56 生態補償制度 the system of ecological compensation
            57 以國家公園為主的自然保護地 natural reserves with national parks as the main part
            58 統計監測與綜合評價 statistical monitoring and comprehensive evaluation
            59 環境信用評價制度 the system of environmental credit assessment
            60 環境影響評價制度 the system of environmental impact assessment
            61 污染防治區域聯動 regional cooperation on pollution prevention and control
            62 中央環境保護督察制度 the inspection system of the central government for environmental protection
            63 生態環境監管制度 the supervision system of ecological environment
            64 環境信息公開制度 the system of environmental information disclosure
            65 環境保護公眾參與 public participation in environmental protection
            66 生態文明實驗區建設 construction of ecological civilization pilot zones

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