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          1. 中國時政——外交領域術語漢英對照(2012-2018年)

            時間:2020-08-24 閱讀:2743
            編號 詞條中文 英文譯法
            1 習近平外交思想 Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy
            2 中國特色大國外交 major country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics
            3 和平發展道路 the path of peaceful development
            4 新型國際關系 a new form of international relations
            5 親、誠、惠、容理念 the philosophy of “amity, honesty, mutual benefit, and inclusiveness”
            6 中國東盟命運共同體 the community with a shared future for China and ASEAN
            7 周邊命運共同體 a neighborhood community with a shared future
            8 正確義利觀 the correct concept of justice and interests
            9 真、實、親、誠理念 the philosophy of “true, practicability, amity, and honesty”
            10 中非命運共同體 the community with a shared future for China and Africa
            11 中拉命運共同體 the community with a shared future for China and Latin America
            12 正確歷史觀 the correct perspective of history
            13 正確大局觀 the correct perspective of overall situation
            14 正確角色觀 the correct perspective on China’s role
            15 中非合作論壇 Forum on China-Africa Cooperation
            16 中阿合作論壇 China Arab States Cooperation Forum
            17 中國中東歐國家合作 Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries
            18 中德全方位戰略伙伴關系 China-Germany all-round strategic partnership
            19 共同打造中歐和平、增長、改革、文明四大伙伴關系 jointly building the China-EU partnership of peace, growth, reform and civilization
            20 譜寫中拉全面合作伙伴關系新篇章 jointly writing a new chapter in China-Latin America comprehensive cooperative partnership
            21 發展中俄新時代全面戰略協作伙伴關系 developing China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for a new era
            22 中非全面戰略合作伙伴關系 China-Africa comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership
            23 中國共產黨與世界政黨高層對話會 CPC in Dialogue with World Political Parties High-level Meeting
            24 推動緊密持久的中法全面戰略伙伴關系 promoting the close and lasting China-France comprehensive strategic partnership
            25 共同打造中英關系黃金時代 jointly forging a “Golden Era” of China-UK relations
            26 中央外事工作委員會 The Central Foreign Affairs Commission

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