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  • 中國時政——經濟領域術語漢英對照(2012-2018年)

    時間:2020-06-17 閱讀:777
    編號 詞條中文 英文譯法
    1 新發展理念 new concept for development
    2 創新發展 innovative development
    3 協調發展 coordinated development
    4 綠色發展 green development
    5 開放發展 open development
    6 共享發展 shared development
    7 建設現代化經濟體系 developing a modernized economy
    8 高質量發展 high-quality development
    9 市場在資源配置中起決定性作用 the decisive role of the market in resource allocation
    10 健全宏觀調控體系 improving the macro regulatory system
    11 經濟發展新常態 a new normal for economic development
    12 中國經濟新常態 the new normal of China’s economy
    13 穩就業、穩金融、穩外貿、穩外資、
    stabilizing the employment, the financial market, foreign trade, foreign investment, domestic investment, and expectations
    14 供給側結構性改革 supply-side structural reform
    15 破、立、降 cutting ineffective supply, fostering new growth drivers, and reducing costs
    16 中國制造2025 Made in China 2025
    17 國家大數據戰略 the National Big Data Strategy
    18 包容性增長 inclusive growth
    19 發揮經濟體制改革的牽引作用 letting economic structural reform play the role in leading other reforms
    20 創新驅動發展戰略 the Innovation-driven Development Strategy
    21 創新型國家 innovative country
    22 網絡強國戰略 the National Cyber Development Strategy
    23 互聯網+”行動計劃 the “Internet Plus” Action Plan
    24 大眾創業、萬眾創新 mass entrepreneurship and innovation
    25 鄉村振興戰略 the Rural Revitalization Strategy
    26 三農問題 issues relating to agriculture, rural areas and the wellbeing of farmers
    27 農村承包地三權分置改革 rural land contract reform: separation of ownership rights, contractors’ rights and land management rights
    28 新型城鎮化道路 the path for new-type urbanization
    29 區域協調發展戰略 the Coordinated Regional Development Strategy
    30 粵港澳大灣區 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
    31 京津冀協同發展 coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region
    32 雄安新區 Xiong’an New Area
    33 長江經濟帶 the Yangtze Economic Belt
    34 社會主義市場經濟體制 the socialist market economy
    35 加快完善社會主義市場經濟體制 speeding up the improvement of the socialist market economy
    36 國企改革攻堅戰 reform of state-owned enterprises
    37 親清新型政商關系 a cordial and clean relationship between government and business
    38 人民幣納入特別提款權貨幣籃子 RMB’s inclusion in the Special Drawing Right (SDR) basket
    39 推動形成全面開放新格局 making new ground in pursuing opening up on all fronts
    40 高水平開放 high-level opening up
    41 加快實施自由貿易區戰略 accelerating the free trade zone strategy
    42 擴大內陸沿邊開放 further opening up China’s inland and border regions
    43 中國(上海)自由貿易試驗區 China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone
    44 海南自由貿易港 Hainan Free Trade Port


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