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          1. 中國時政——文化領域術語漢英對照(2012-2018年)

            時間:2020-06-18 閱讀:2228
            編號 詞條中文 英文譯法
            1 中國特色社會主義文化發展道路 cultural development under socialism with Chinese characteristics
            2 意識形態工作領導權 the CPC’s leadership over ideological work
            3 牢牢掌握意識形態工作領導權 holding firmly the leading position in ideological work
            4 社會主義核心價值體系 the system of core socialist values
            5 堅持社會主義核心價值體系 upholding the core socialist values
            6 社會主義核心價值觀 core values of socialism
            7 培育和踐行社會主義核心價值觀 fostering core values of socialism
            8 中華民族共同體意識 the sense of community for the Chinese nation
            9 推動中華優秀傳統文化創造性轉化、創新性發展 promoting innovative transformation and development of traditional Chinese culture
            10 中國精神 the Chinese Spirit
            11 中國價值 the Chinese Value
            12 中國力量 the Chinese Power
            13 紅色資源 the Red Resources (sites and heritage related to the revolutionary traditions of the CPC)
            14 講好中國故事 Tell China’s stories
            15 紅船精神 the spirit of the Red Boat
            16 井岡山精神 the spirit of Jinggang Mountains
            17 古田會議精神 the spirit of the Gutian Meeting
            18 蘇區精神 the spirit of Former Central Soviet Areas
            19 長征精神 the spirit of the Long March
            20 遵義會議精神 the spirit of the Zunyi Meeting
            21 抗戰精神 the spirit of the Anti-Japanese War
            22 太行精神 the spirit of the Taihang Revolutionary Base Area
            23 延安精神 the spirit of Yan’an
            24 抗大精神 the spirit of the Military and Political University of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression
            25 白求恩精神 the spirit of Norman Bethune
            26 南泥灣精神 the spirit of Nanniwan
            27 整風精神 the spirit of the Yan’an Rectification Movement
            28 西柏坡精神 the spirit of Xibaipo
            29 沂蒙精神 the spirit of the Yimeng Old Revolutionary Base Area
            30 紅巖精神 the spirit of Revolutionary Martyrs in Red Crag
            31 張思德精神 the spirit of Zhang Side
            32 呂梁精神 the spirit of Lvliang
            33 兩路精神 the spirit of the “Two Roads” (the Sichuan-Tibet and Qinghai-Tibet Highway)
            34 紅旗渠精神 the spirit of the Hongqi Canal
            35 兩彈一星精神 the spirit of “Two Bombs, One Satellite” (Two Bombs refers to the atomic bomb and the intercontinental ballistic missile, while One Satellite refers to the artificial satellite)
            36 雷鋒精神 the spirit of Lei Feng
            37 大慶精神 the spirit of Daqing
            38 鐵人精神 the spirit of “Iron Man”
            39 焦裕祿精神 the spirit of Jiao Yulu
            40 女排精神 the spirit of the Chinese National Women’s Volleyball Team
            41 九八抗洪精神 the spirit of Combating the Floods in 1998
            42 抗擊非典精神 the spirit of Combating SARS
            43 載人航天精神 the spirit of China’s Manned Space Program
            44 青藏鐵路精神 the spirit of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway
            45 抗震救災精神 the spirit of Earthquake Relief
            46 北京奧運精神 the spirit of the Beijing Olympics
            47 塞罕壩精神 the spirit of Saihanba
            48 莫高精神 the spirit of the Mogao Grottoes
            49 愛國主義精神 the spirit of patriotism
            50 勞模精神 the spirit of model workers
            51 釘釘子精神 the spirit of perseverance
            52 企業家精神 the spirit of entrepreneurship
            53 改革創新精神 the spirit of reform and innovation
            54 小崗精神 the spirit of Xiaogang
            55 工匠精神 the spirit of craftsmanship
            56 特區精神 the spirit of Special Economic Zones
            57 右玉精神 the spirit of Youyu
            58 絲路精神 the Silk Road spirit
            59 上海精神 the Shanghai spirit
            60 治大國若烹小鮮 Governing a big country is like cooking small fish. (Those who govern the country must be meticulous and thoughtful and take all factors into consideration, so that their policies and measures benefit everyone.)
            61 大道至簡 Great truths are always simple.
            62 兩岸一家親 People on both sides of the Taiwan Straits are of the same family.
            63 我將無我,不負人民。 I will work selflessly and live up to the expectations of the people.
            I will fully commit to my people and never fail the people.
            I am ready to set aside my own interests in service of the people.
            I will never seek my own good and never fail the people.
            64 文化惠民工程 cultural programs in the public interest
            65 新媒體 new media
            66 融媒體 integrated media
            67 多媒體 multimedia
            68 全媒體 omnimedia

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